Sunday, January 15, 2012

Architecture as Poetry of Construction and Frozen Music

History and Importance of Architecture
In our previous articles, we have discussed the following points:
Architecture as Mother of all Arts

Now we will move on with our discussion on Importance of architecture with respect to "Architecture as Poetry of Construction and Frozen music".

Architecture is based on building construction and poetry is based on prose. But architecture is not mere art of building construction so also poetry is not mere prose.
Prose converts into poetry with the introduction of verses, metres, and fine flow of language etc. and there is enjoyment over the artistic representation in poetry.
So also in music, there is a combination of harmonious sounds arranged in a systematic way so as to arouse excitement and enjoyment.
Similarly, the building converts into fine piece of architecture when it is composed of elements which are systematically as well as aesthetically arranged so as to serve a utilitarian purpose and in addition to have emotional appeal.
And we enjoy at the loo of such building which strikes deep and solemn chords in the human heart. In words of Goethe “architecture is ‘poetry of construction’ and frozen music”.

With this article, we come to the end of the discussion on "Importance of Architecture".

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