Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Inceptor Ditches | Civil Engineering

Inceptor Ditches
Inceptor ditches are used for excavation of limited depth made in a coarse soil. These ditches are constructed around the area to be dewatered. The ditches must penetrate deeper than the level of the work area.
At suitable locations, sump pits are constructed along the ditch for installation of the pump to remove the water collected.

If the soil is fine sand of low permeability, boiling may occur in sumps and ditches. This may be prevented by placing filter layers on the sides and at the bottom of the ditches and sumps.
Interceptor ditches are most economical for carrying away the water which emerges on the slopes and near the bottom of the foundation pit.
The method can be effectively used for formation, gravel and coarse sand. In fine sands and silts. There may be sloughing, erosion or quick conditions. For such soils, the method is confined to a depth of 1m to 2m.

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