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Architecture as Poetry of Construction and Frozen Music

History and Importance of Architecture
In our previous articles, we have discussed the following points:
Architecture as Mother of all Arts

Now we will move on with our discussion on Importance of architecture with respect to "Architecture as Poetry of Construction and Frozen music".

Architecture is based on building construction and poetry is based on prose. But architecture is not mere art of building construction so also poetry is not mere prose.
Prose converts into poetry with the introduction of verses, metres, and fine flow of language etc. and there is enjoyment over the artistic representation in poetry.
So also in music, there is a combination of harmonious sounds arranged in a systematic way so as to arouse excitement and enjoyment.
Similarly, the building converts into fine piece of architecture when it is composed of elements which are systematically as well as aesthetically arranged so as to serve a utilitarian purpose and in addition to have emotional appeal.
And we enjoy at the loo of such building which strikes deep and solemn chords in the human heart. In words of Goethe “architecture is ‘poetry of construction’ and frozen music”.

With this article, we come to the end of the discussion on "Importance of Architecture".

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Architecture as Mother of all Arts

Importance of Architecture w.r.t to Architecture as Mother of all Arts
In our previous articles regarding "Importance of architecture", we have covered the following points:

Now we will move on with our discussion on "Architecture as Mother of all Arts".
We can look at a thing in three different ways.
First, we may look at a thing considering its practical goodness and usefulness. We may be pleased, only because the thing is useful and hence it may be considered as suitable.
Such kinds of arts are called “Technique Arts ” where utility alone is important.
For example: cooking, fishing etc.

Secondly, we may look at a thing in a speculatively thoughtful way, which is different from appreciation utility. The scientific happiness derived from ‘truth’ will be the result of art. Such arts are called “Phonetic Arts”. For example, drama, eloquence etc.

The third way of looking at a thing is not from point of view of goodness, truth but at its appearance, shape and colour. What it looks like is more important than what it is!
Here we search for beauty in a thing rather than its practical utility. Such arts, which involve beauty are called ‘Aesthetic Arts’.
For example: Sculpture, Fresco etc.

Technique arts stand for ‘Goodness’, Phonetic arts for expression of ‘Truth’ and aesthetic arts for ‘Beauty’. But architecture stands for ‘Goodness, Truth and Beauty’ which are its three main principles. In short, architecture can thus be said as “Mother of all Arts”.

In our next article, we will discuss Importance of Architecture with respect to "Architecture as Poetry of Construction and Frozen Music".

Friday, January 13, 2012

Architecture as Fine Arts

Importance of Architecture | History of Architecture
Now we will continue our discussion on "Importance of Architecture with respect to Architecture as a Fine Art".

Architecture as a Fine Art
Any human activity where there is skill directed towards production of beauty is considered as an ‘Art’.
Art is both static and dynamic. The static art delights in order and proportion. It deals with space and result in fine architecture and planning. The dynamic art delights in movements and rythm. It deals with time and results in music, poetry and dancing. The painting and dancing appeal to the eye, whereas music appeals to the ear and poetry to the mind.
Architecture is the most comprehensive of all visual arts and has a right to claim superiority over other arts, since it assimilates and translates all these faculties and beauties into an elegant building.

We would further discuss the next point "Architecture as Mother of all Arts" and "Architecture as Poetry of Construction and Frozen Music" in our succeeding article.

History of Architecture

Importance of Architecture
In this article, we will discuss the Importance of Architecture with reference to the following points:

Let us now start with our discussion with Inspiration...

Some of the monumental works erected to commemorate some important event or in memory of great national leaders arouse inspiration in the minds of the people for all the times.
For example:
The tower of Victory built by Rana of Chittor and Indian war Memorial at Delhi inspire the feelings of patriotism.

Record of the past history
Architecture is the most powerful record of the past history of any country. It throws light on the social, religious customes and manners and development of the country. The development of the civilization of any country is reproduced in the development of architecture.
Architecture is therefore considered as the printing press of all ages and gives history of state of society in which it was erected.
Thus Egyptian architecture reflects the absolute power of the Pharaohs and slavery of the people. Greek architecture that we so admire was the product of the democratic belief of the Greek Civilization. It had rich beauty which reached highest perfection. The majestic buildings of Rome clearly show the great skill and constructive ability and expression of “Roman Imperial Power”, but royal palaces and thermae speak of their luxury.
Basilican churches reflect religious enthusiasm. Gothic reflects the condition of passionate energy. French Renaissance shows the pompous life of the Monarchs, in their palaces and the Indian architecture clearly shows its spiritual content and represents in numerous religious buildings which are characterized by the treatment of wall surfaces containing the high or low relief of noble ‘God of Indian Mythology’.
Now temples and churches are becoming less and less in 20th century, whereas we come across libraries, museums, markets, hospitals, town-halls, institutions, swimming pools, theatres etc which are the indices of social forces at work. Architecture is more than a history of form and style, it is a product of cultural and environmental factors and expression of the way of life of the people for whom it is built. Architecture is therefore sometimes called as “matrix of civilisation”.

In our next article, we will discuss Importance of Architecture with respect to "Architecture as Fine arts".
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