Friday, January 13, 2012

Architecture as Fine Arts

Importance of Architecture | History of Architecture
Now we will continue our discussion on "Importance of Architecture with respect to Architecture as a Fine Art".

Architecture as a Fine Art
Any human activity where there is skill directed towards production of beauty is considered as an ‘Art’.
Art is both static and dynamic. The static art delights in order and proportion. It deals with space and result in fine architecture and planning. The dynamic art delights in movements and rythm. It deals with time and results in music, poetry and dancing. The painting and dancing appeal to the eye, whereas music appeals to the ear and poetry to the mind.
Architecture is the most comprehensive of all visual arts and has a right to claim superiority over other arts, since it assimilates and translates all these faculties and beauties into an elegant building.

We would further discuss the next point "Architecture as Mother of all Arts" and "Architecture as Poetry of Construction and Frozen Music" in our succeeding article.

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