Saturday, January 14, 2012

Architecture as Mother of all Arts

Importance of Architecture w.r.t to Architecture as Mother of all Arts
In our previous articles regarding "Importance of architecture", we have covered the following points:

Now we will move on with our discussion on "Architecture as Mother of all Arts".
We can look at a thing in three different ways.
First, we may look at a thing considering its practical goodness and usefulness. We may be pleased, only because the thing is useful and hence it may be considered as suitable.
Such kinds of arts are called “Technique Arts ” where utility alone is important.
For example: cooking, fishing etc.

Secondly, we may look at a thing in a speculatively thoughtful way, which is different from appreciation utility. The scientific happiness derived from ‘truth’ will be the result of art. Such arts are called “Phonetic Arts”. For example, drama, eloquence etc.

The third way of looking at a thing is not from point of view of goodness, truth but at its appearance, shape and colour. What it looks like is more important than what it is!
Here we search for beauty in a thing rather than its practical utility. Such arts, which involve beauty are called ‘Aesthetic Arts’.
For example: Sculpture, Fresco etc.

Technique arts stand for ‘Goodness’, Phonetic arts for expression of ‘Truth’ and aesthetic arts for ‘Beauty’. But architecture stands for ‘Goodness, Truth and Beauty’ which are its three main principles. In short, architecture can thus be said as “Mother of all Arts”.

In our next article, we will discuss Importance of Architecture with respect to "Architecture as Poetry of Construction and Frozen Music".

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