Sunday, May 28, 2017

How to design an Old Age Home?

How to design an Old Age Home? The video sets out three steps for the design of old age homes. Step One : Research and Casestudies Research includes understanding old age homes and who are they for. What their purpose is? Casestudies include literature casestudy and live casestudies. Literature casestudy includes gathering information about old age homes from the internet and books. Live casestudies include visiting and documenting an actual old age home. The importance of comparative analysis cannot be undermined. It is important to do more than one casestudy to help you understand the differences in the two design and figure out the thought process of the designer behind the designs. Finally, getting feedback from the staff and residents of the Old AGe Home with a view to understand any missing needs that you might want to incorporate into your design. Please watch the video to understand it better...

VIDEO: Design of an Old Age Home - Part One

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