Friday, February 6, 2015

Achieve your life goals using the 15-Second Principle

One of the best self-help books out there which has helped millions of people achieve their goals.

This book focuses on one single thing... Force yourself to begin working on your dream project every day. Work on the dream for at least 15 seconds, but do it until you no longer enjoy it. Repeat again the next day.

This single technique will skyrocket your productivity and bring you closer to your goal.

Check out the book, The 15-Second Principle, by Al Secunda.

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The best praise for a self-help book is to describe how much and how quickly your life changes direction for the better.

I started reading "The 15 Second Principle" seven weeks ago, and since day one, it has helped me to realize my dream project, the creation of a unique computer game. The problem was that I wanted to start, but had been procrastinating for over three years. Now daily progress is being made, and it THRILLS me; I am finally feeling fulfillment in this important area of my life. (It's also exciting to see friends who've read the book realize their dream projects as well.)

The technique is so simple, and related so artfully, that it gently chipped through all the barriers my mind had erected:

"There's not enough time"; "There's too much to do"; "It has to be perfect"; "I'm not good enough"; "Who am I to be doing what I love to do?"

If I had to choose a favorite part of the book, it would have to be the unusual celebrity stories. Maybe it's because Al Secunda is a gifted storyteller. Maybe it's because the stories are inherently entertaining. But the underlying ideas jolt to life when you can relate to someone who is familiar and successful (and imperfect).

I recommend this book without hesitation to anyone who has a seemingly unapproachable dream, goal, or passion. The book is wise, intelligent, entertaining, and comes from the heart. Put another way, "The 15 Second Principle" is THE BEST investment you can make in yourself. I feel so strongly about it, that I am adding my full name and e-mail address to these thoughts.

if you've ever spent 15 seconds procrastinating, overwhelmed, complaining, regretting, worrying, blaming, etc., then you've got to read this book.

Al Secunda has written a powerful little guide for anyone wanting to have a richer, fuller, more rewarding life. Although the subject matter is profound, Al writes in a conversational, easy-to-read manner. Humorous stories are used to convey deep, meaningful insights and lessons, making it not only informative, but entertaining. The tests and exercises are easy to follow. This book flows well. I found it hard to put down.

If you're like me, you've probably read many other books of this type, but it's the actual 15 second principle itself that is truly different and not something I've seen or read elsewhere. Al Secunda used his years of personal and professional experience to develop this concept that is so simple, it's brilliant ! Most of all, it WORKS! Before even finishing this book, I was able to not only begin, but complete a big project I previously dreaded so much I had put it off for over a year-and I did it in far less time than I initially thought it would take! I can't say I was so motivated by any of the other books I'd read. Read THIS book!

I was browsing the Internet a few weeks ago and suddenly saw a book entitled "The 15 Second Principle" listed in a database. Mathematical research has discovered that it only takes 15 seconds to start anything, i.e., a though, a movement, etc. An interesting sideline here: In the pitstop in the national automotive races, it takes exactly 15 seconds to change the oil, tires, wash the windows, etc. As a matter of fact, the pitsops rules only allow 15 seconds for this.

 The book caught my interest, and I purchased the book on my next outing to a bookstore and quickly read the cover notes (15 seconds to read the cover notes!!?). I thought that this may just be another "trick" to get someone to buy another motivational book which would be a "quick fix" in our already rushed society. Not at all! I manage 22 financial analysts in my company and have often found myself saying that I don't have time to learn this or that and "who in the heck" could achieve something in 15 seconds....? 

No matter how scattered or busy we are, we can find a small amount of time each day to devote to our dream or goal even if we only think about it. According to the author, even thinking about our dream or goal brings us closer to taking action and taking action on a regular basis will finally bring us to achievement and mastery. I read the book (not in 15 seconds), began devoting a portion of each day to what was my secret goal--that was to learn to play golf.

 By taking this writing and principles to heart, I have in less that two weeks already located a golf coach and taken a step on to the golf course. I can't guarantee that I will make a Hole-in-One on the 17th Hole of St. Andrews in Scotland, but I will arrive there if I control my mood, attitude and feelings as this book directs. I am excited! I am thinking about giving each one of my employees a copy for their own personal use as a special "surprise bonus" and watch them surprise themselves as they follow the principles of mastery to acheive their own dreams or professional goals.

 I honestly believe that if you are introduced to the book and are "too busy" to read and follow, at least in part, some of the author's suggestions and proven principles, then you are too busy period and will probably use your own "15 Seconds" to whine away the dreams and goals which you could have achieved by a simple short commitment and conscious belief....

Check out the book, The 15-Second Principle, by Al Secunda.

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