Monday, February 13, 2012

Shallow Well System | Civil Engineering

Shallow Well System | Building Construction
In our earlier articles, we have discussed the following well Points:
  1. Single Stage Well Points
  2. Multi-stage Well Points
  3. Vacuum Well Points

Now we will move on with our discussion on "Shallow Well System".

In a shallow well system, a hole of about 30cm diameter is first bored into the ground, using a casing. A filter tube of about 15cm diameter, covered with a special wire mesh, is then lowered into the casing.

The casing is gradually withdrawn and suitable filter material is added in to the annular space between the casing and the filter tube. This forms a filter well.

A suction pipe is lowered into the filter well. A number of such wells may be installed. The suction pipes of all these wells are connected to a common header. A pumping unit is attached to the header. As the pumping is started, the drainage occurs. The suction lift of the well should not be more than 10m for its proper working.
Shallow well system is rarely used in practice. Well point systems, as discussed earlier, are more economical upto a depth of 10m than a shallow well system.

We will discussion the following topics in our succeeding articles:
  • Deep Well System
  • Horizontal Wells

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