Saturday, February 11, 2012

Multistage Well points | Building Construction

Multistage Well points | Civil Engineering Projects

In our previous article, we discussed "Single stage Well Points". Now we will move on with our discussion on "Multistage Well points".

When the water table is to be lowered for a depth greater than 6m, multistage well points are required. In this method, two or more rows of well points are installed at different elevations.

How is the installation of Well points done?
The installation of well points is done in stages. The first stage well points are located near the perimeter of the area, as in a single stage well point system. These are put into operation and the water table is lowered by about 5m depth is done.

Thus the total depth of excavation becomes about 10. If required, the third stage of well points can also be installed to further lower the water table.
The method is useful for excavations upto 15m depth. Excavations exceeding 15m depth are generally dewatered by a deep well system.

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